Crypto comeback: Bitcoin bounces back after brutal selloff | Crypto News

Black Friday came to cryptocurrencies last week when Bitcoin posted its roughest day in two months. But by Monday things were looking up. Bitcoin is staging a comeback along with other riskier... Read more »

Analysts point to overleveraged traders after Bitcoin flash crashes to $43K

Traders were caught flat-footed on Sept. 7 after a sharp collapse in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) saw the digital asset fall below $43,000, and this led to widespread liquidations in derivative markets... Read more »

Hey, hey, hey: SEC sues BitConnect over alleged $2 billion fraud

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that it has filed an action against BitConnect, its founder, and its top US promoter. In the official filing, the SEC alleges that... Read more »

Bitcoin bulls target $50K as Friday’s $655M BTC options expiry approaches

Bitcoin (BTC) failed to break the critical $50,000 psychological barrier on Aug. 23 and has since then retested the $47,000 support. If historical data plays any role in Bitcoin price, the month... Read more »

Survey Shows 3 in 10 Americans Share Crypto Wallet Passwords With Others

A recently published study shows that crypto users are not using the best security practices in order to keep their crypto assets safe and secure from loss or theft. The report produced... Read more »

FBI Helps to Train Nigerian Crypto Crime Investigators

The United States government through the FBI recently helped to run a training exercise whose goal is to enhance the capacity of Nigerian cryptocurrency crime investigators, the U.S. Mission Nigeria (USMN) has... Read more »

Here’s what traders expect now that Bitcoin price rallied back to $50K

There was widespread celebration across the crypto ecosystem on Aug. 23 after the sight of Bitcoin (BTC) back above $50,000 triggered a resurgence of calls for the top cryptocurrency to reach $100,000... Read more »

US Senator Warns Passing Unproven Crypto Law Will Stifle Innovation and ‘Make Americans Poorer’

U.S. Senator Mike Lee has raised concerns that adopting the crypto tax provision in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill will stifle innovation and make Americans poorer. He explained that cryptocurrencies are not... Read more »

Cardano (ADA) founder calls for action to combat Senate bill 

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson recently addressed the new provision in the bipartisan bill that proposes stricter tax regulation on crypto transactions, intended to contribute to the historic infrastructure funding. Following his... Read more »

Senator Elizabeth Warren says crypto might need a ‘bailout’ if things go wrong

In her interview with Bloomberg, Senator Elizabeth Warren warned about major risks surrounding the ongoing expansion of crypto as she called for stricter market regulation. While admitting that the biggest upside to... Read more »