Traders use this classic trading pattern to determine when to ‘buy the dip’

Traders use various technical analysis tools to identify emerging trends and profitably trade that direction. One popular trend-defining pattern that traders often rely on is called the price channel.  An ‘ascending channel’... Read more »

HK firm Meitu nurses Bitcoin (BTC) losses after buying the top in April

Chinese tech company Meitu, which made several investments in the two largest cryptocurrencies between March and April of 2021, revealed its impairment loss on Bitcoin holdings in a recent interim results announcement.... Read more »

Ethereum (ETH) breaks above $3,000 as Bitcoin (BTC) breaks above $44,000

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This key resistance level can hinder Bitcoin from reaching ATHs

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Backwardation in Bitcoin futures contracts shows pro investors lack confidence

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Survey: 50% of Inexperienced Investors Only Hold Bitcoin Less Than a Year

“.. On the other hand, 59.0% of experienced investors say they intend to hold crypto for more than 2 years.” With recent months bringing a surge in interest in bitcoin (BTC) among... Read more »