NFTs go wild as CryptoPunks hits $1 billion in lifetime sales

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Standard Chartered Says Ethereum Could Hit $35,000

Key Takeaways Ethereum’s macro outlook is bullish, according to banking giant Standard Chartered. Analysts at the firm say Ethereum could hit $35,000 and surpass Bitcoin in market cap terms. Despite the bold... Read more »

Ethereum Breaches $4,000, Marking the Presence of Whales

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What Are DAOs? The Future of Global Organizations Explained

Key Takeaways DAO is an abbreviation for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization,” a community which interacts around hard-coded rules encoded in the blockchain. DAOs have seen exponential growth in 2021, most notably from DeFi... Read more »

Ethereum price dragged down below $2K as US inflation hits highest level since 1991

Ether (ETH) perhaps had the most bullish outlook entering the July session, with a key technical update dubbed EIP-1559, promising to make its native token ETH scarcer through the network’s first-ever burning... Read more »

ETH bumps ahead of Ethereum ‘London’ upgrade. But what’s it about?

Ethereum touched just shy $2.4k yesterday, making a two-week high. It also closed three consecutive daily green candles against Bitcoin, taking ETHBTC to 0.066782 at the time of writing. Some analysts attribute... Read more »

Katy Perry announces NFTs on Theta Network, invests in Theta Labs

Global pop superstar Katy Perry has announced the launch of her first NFTs in collaboration with Theta Network, as per a release shared with CryptoSlate. Excited & 👀curious👀 to be launching my... Read more »

Ethereum Gas Fees Are Skyrocketing — Do traders Have Alternatives?

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Ethereum Crosses $2,000, Setting a New All-Time High

Key Takeaways ETH has hit a new all-time high price above $2,000. The second-ranked crypto has led the market’s price rally along with Bitcoin over recent weeks. Ethereum is currently the home... Read more »