cryptocurrency price today: ​Top cryptocurrency prices today: Bitcoin, Ethereum fall up to 4%; Dogecoin slips out of top 10 crypto ranking

New Delhi: Extending the fall witnessed over the weekend, the 24×7 crypto market plummeted on Monday following an escalation of war between Ukraine and Russia. Russia is marching towards Kyiv, the capital... Read more »

Crypto market dip: Crypto market or kangaroo market: Should you buy the current dips?

New Delhi: Ahead of the much awaited cryptocurrency bill in India, the crypto market has witnessed a sharp decline. Major tokens have taken a big blow in the last few weeks. Behemoths... Read more »

FBI warns of scammers using fraudulent schemes leveraging crypto ATMs

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning against cybercriminals that are using Bitcoin ATMs and QR codes to defraud unsuspecting individuals. The FBI in a recently released Public Service... Read more »

Over half a billion dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) are now burned

Half a billion dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH)—the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin by market cap—have now been ‘burned’ after last month’s Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)-1559, data from multiple sources show. The... Read more »

Axie Infinity Revenue Jumped Another 85% in August

Key Takeaways Axie Infinity’s revenue jumped by 85% from July to August. The game takes revenue from selling NFTs. The game registered $364 million in protocol revenue, up from $196 million in... Read more »

Fantom Rallies 71% as DeFi Ecosystem Expands

Key Takeaways FTM is up over 70% in the last 24 hours as Fantom’s DeFi ecosystem grows. The token has grown by more than 340% in the last 30 days. The total... Read more »

HK firm Meitu nurses Bitcoin (BTC) losses after buying the top in April

Chinese tech company Meitu, which made several investments in the two largest cryptocurrencies between March and April of 2021, revealed its impairment loss on Bitcoin holdings in a recent interim results announcement.... Read more »

People Are Scouring Ethereum for Lost NFT Projects

Key Takeaways The crypto space is experiencing an NFT boom that’s been dubbed “NFT summer.” After avatars and generative art pieces, many of Ethereum’s oldest NFT projects have seen a resurgence. Notable... Read more »

Chainlink Must Reclaim $25 as Support to Avoid Bigger Losses

Key Takeaways Chainlink has breached the $25 support level. On-chain data shows that the most significant interest area ahead sits at $20. While whales continue to book profits, the odds for lower... Read more »

You can now invest in CryptoPunks NFTs for just $1

Talk about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the term ‘CryptoPunks’ is sure to pop up. For those out of the loop, these are a collection of 10,000 pixelated ‘punk’ faces—each of them unique,... Read more »