Hashrate Follows Price: Bitcoin Hashrate Jumps 92% in 2 Months, Difficulty Expected to Increase in 4 Days

Bitcoin prices have improved a great deal in recent times and the network’s hashrate remains higher than it was 67 days ago when it tapped a low of 69 exahash on June... Read more »

Here’s how Bitcoin options traders might prepare for a BTC ETF approval

Very few events can shake the cryptocurrency markets in a sustainable manner that really sends Bitcoin and altcoin prices into a sharp directional move. One example is when Xi Jinping, China’s President,... Read more »

Crypto world shows signs of being rather bullish – TechCrunch

Welcome back to The Exchange. Today we’re doing something fun with crypto. Sure, we could write more about how insurtech valuations are under fresh pressure after Hippo’s Q2 earnings report — we... Read more »

Bitcoin Difficulty Increases 6% — It’s Still 48% Easier to Find BTC Blocks Than It Was 30 Days Ago

As expected, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty increased this week jumping 6.03% higher on July 31. The change marks the first increase out of five difficulty adjustment changes. This was after four downward difficulty... Read more »

Bitcoin’s terminal value is really $700,000: crypto investor

One early bitcoin (BTC-USD) investor has crunched the numbers on the crypto, and thinks it’s looking mighty undervalued at the moment.  “We did a study showing the number of people using bitcoin... Read more »

FTX, Cryptocurrency Leader, Moves to Curb High Risk Trades

A popular cryptocurrency exchange announced on Sunday that it was curbing a type of high-risk trading that has been blamed in part for sharp fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin and the... Read more »

No shilling Dogecoin or Shiba Inu? How TikTok’s crypto ban helps the space

Celebrities shilling meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Baby Doge Coin became a recurring theme throughout 2020 as the crypto markets rose. It initially came off as a real surprise to... Read more »

This crucial Bitcoin metric reached a high. But traders don’t seem to care

Bitcoin spot exchanges outflow transaction count hit a year high, data from CryptoQuant, a popular on-chain data analysis tool for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, showed. $BTC spot exchanges outflow transaction count hits... Read more »

BIS, IMF, World Bank Planning for Interoperable CBDCs

Share this article A joint committee of the BIS Innovation Hub, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank has proposed keeping interoperability in mind while designing central bank digital currencies... Read more »

Bitcoin exchange supply hits a 6-month low as accumulation continues

The amount of Bitcoin (BTC) held on exchanges has been declining steadily since mid-May, offering reassurance that the worst of the market selloff has passed.  At current levels, Bitcoin’s exchange supply is... Read more »