Bitcoin slumps with stocks and is now down 50% from all time high

Bitcoin prices slumped further Saturday to levels not seen since last August, as a selloff of riskier assets like stocks spread to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has now shed more than 50% from its... Read more »

What Is Cryptocurrency, and How Does It Work? – Wall Street Journal

As an asset class, crypto is so new even some people inside it don't understand it. … A pre-markets primer packed with news, trends and ideas. Source Read more »

Mastercard ties up with Bakkt to take crypto payments to the masses

Mastercard and crypto firm Bakkt Holdings on 25 October said they have partnered to enable cryptocurrency card payments. The companies said the partnership will make it easier for banks, financial-technology firms and merchants... Read more »

Standard Chartered Says Ethereum Could Hit $35,000

Key Takeaways Ethereum’s macro outlook is bullish, according to banking giant Standard Chartered. Analysts at the firm say Ethereum could hit $35,000 and surpass Bitcoin in market cap terms. Despite the bold... Read more »


Bitcoin (BTC) has staged a smart recovery in the past few days and the interest in the crypto sector seems to be picking up. JPMorgan Chase has added access to a new... Read more »

Study Highlights the Most Common NFT Scams Amid the Current Mainstream Hype

As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming a global phenomenon increasingly due to their mainstream adoption, there are also concerns about the surge of related scams. A recent study revealed the most common... Read more »

ECB is looking to design a digital euro more energy-efficient than Bitcoin

The European Central Bank, or ECB, joins the growing club of crypto-friendly financial institutions as it announces the decision “to launch a project to prepare for possibly issuing a digital euro.” The... Read more »

Korean Banks Elevate Cybersecurity to Deal With Crypto-Related Risks

South Korean banks are taking steps to bring cybersecurity to a new level as they try to keep up with fintechs and address new threats arising from their interaction with the crypto... Read more »

Fed Vice Chair Quarles Says Digital Dollar Could Pose Significant Risks to US Banking System

The Federal Reserve’s vice chairman of supervision and the chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), Randal K. Quarles, doubts the benefits of the digital dollar but says it “could pose significant... Read more »

Was the Dfinity Team Responsible for ICP’s 95% Crash?

Key Takeaways Dfinity’s native token ICP dropped 95% from its highs in the space of a few weeks. Independent research from Arkham reveals that the Dfinity Foundation may have dumped tokens on... Read more »